Meet Our Team

Our Childcare Team in Corby


Nursery Manager

My aim as the Nursery Manager is very simple.

My key focus is to ensure that all of your children receive a fantastic and exciting experience when attending Rectory Nursery School. I wish for all our parents/carers to feel confident and relaxed when leaving their children within our care. I understand that children are your most precious assets and I strive to ensure that my team fully understand that also.

I have a very robust recruitment process and believe that your children deserve the best practitioners to help them to progress in these crucial and extremely important early years.

Finally, I am very grateful that you have chosen Rectory Nursery School.


Deputy Manager

I believe it is important to provide children with the best start in their early years' education by providing them with an outstanding environment, offering different play opportunities and most of all ensuring that they are cared for to the highest degree. I am currently Level 3 Qualified and have worked for the Rectory Nursery School since 2016. Previously I worked in secondary school education but always had the passion to work within the early years sector. I am a mother myself with a daughter who also attends and loves the Rectory Nursery School.


Learning & Development  Manager

Hi my name is Gemma. I am level 6 qualified, and have always had a love for early years education. My job is to ensure we are striving to promote play and learning in a fun yet challenging and stimulating way for the children. It is vital to me that children enjoy their time with us at nursery whilst parents feel both happy and assured with the care we provide. I am also a qualified level 3 forest school leader, I enjoy witnessing children develop new skills and confidence and show an interest in the natural surroundings. 

I have two children of my own, who both attend nursery and enjoy their time here. 

In my spare time I love spending time with family and friends. 


Pre-School Leader

Hello, I am Rebecca. I began working in Rectory Nursery School in December 2018 as an apprentice in the Pre-School room working towards my Level 3 qualification. I joined the Rectory after completing my GCSE's and leaving school. I always had the passion and desire to work in Childcare and was so grateful for the opportunity I was given at Rectory to train and develop my career. Throughout my apprenticeship I gained experience in working in all rooms, Baby, Toddler & Pre-School, however, Pre-School was where I have been primarily based. I completed my qualification in March 2020.


Toddler Room Leader

Hello, I am Meg. I have always worked in the Childcare industry and I am Level 3 Qualified. I am now based in the Toddler Room but have previously worked in Pre-School also. I have experience in all age groups including Babies. I am very passionate about Early Years and believe that every day I work with the children I am helping to shape their future.


Forest School Leader

Hi, my name is Jerry and I am the Forest School Leader for Rectory Nursery School. I feel very lucky to be teaching your children all about the great outdoors, whilst allowing them to take their own risks in a safe environment to build their confidence and self-esteem. Forest School is a great place for children to connect with nature whilst learning personal, social and emotional skills and I am very passionate about ensuring that your children thoroughly enjoy their Forest School sessions.

Beth C

Preschool Practitioner

Hi, I am Beth. I joined the Rectory Nursery School in November 2018. I am Level 3 qualified and have experience throughout my childcare career of working with children from 3 months - 6 years old. I am extremely passionate about my work and always ensure that I give 100% in ensuring that the children within my care are provided with the best quality of care.


Preschool Practitioner

Hi, my name is Ruth.

I am a Level 6 qualified Early Years Practitioner with a passion for teaching children in creative tasks. I have joined the Rectory Nursery team whilst I study for my Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I will be based in the Toddler Room but will also gain experience within all the different age ranges to broaden my knowledge.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, listening to various types of music and wellness.


Toddler Room Practitioner

Hello, my name is Emma. I am part of the Toddler Room here at the Rectory Nursery School. I have been working in childcare for the past three years and I am a level two qualified, currently working towards my level three qualification.

Having come from a large family, I have always been surrounded by young children and that is where my passion for childcare has come from!

Throughout the past three years in Childcare, I have gained the most experience working within Toddler Room. I love to see the children develop into confident individuals and I strongly believe that learning for the children should always be fun!

Beth M

Baby Room Practitioner

Hello, my name is Bethany. I have been working at Rectory Nursery School since I finished my Level 3 Qualification. I am based in the Baby Room and love watching the Babies develop so rapidly over their first years. I look forward to progressing my career within Rectory and the Childcare industry.


Baby Room Practitioner

Hi, my name is Paige and I am part of the baby room team here at The Rectory Nursery School. I am a level 3 qualified practitioner and I thoroughly enjoy working in the baby room and getting to watch the babies develop so quickly and learn new things.  Throughout my ….. years in childcare, I have gained experience working with children aged 2 to 5 years old. I am really looking forward to progressing my childcare career at The Rectory and getting to watch the children grow! Outside of work, I enjoy going shopping, spending time with family and friends and listening to music.


Baby Room Practitioner

Hello My Name is Emma and I am a level 3 practitioner.

I am currently in the baby room and have lots of experience in all age groups up to 6 years old.

I am passionate about working with children,  I love watching them grow and supporting them in the development.


I am really looking forward to developing my career in childcare within Rectory Nursery School.


Baby Room Practitioner

Hi, I am Arti.
I am Level 5 qualified in Early Years Education with a passion for teaching children. I have gained experience working with children aged 3 months to 7 years old. I have previously worked in a primary school but always had the passion to work within the Early Years sector. I am really looking forward to progressing my career at Rectory Nursery School. Outside of work I enjoy travelling, spending time with my family and shopping!


Toddler Apprentice

Hello, I am Tamzin. I am a 2020 school leaver and have decided that my next step in education is the apprenticeship route. I have always loved being with children and felt that an apprenticeship within the Childcare industry would be perfect for me. I am now based in the Toddler Room and have embarked on my childcare journey by doing my Level 3 CACHE qualification. I hope to be involved in the growth and development of all the children in my care as that to me is the most rewarding part.


Pre-School Apprentice

Hello, My name is Lillie and I am an apprentice practitioner in the Pre School room. I joined Rectory Nursery School shortly after I finished my GCSE’s. I have always wanted to pursue a career in childcare, and I believe that in my position, an apprenticeship would be the best way to help develop my knowledge and understanding regarding children’s development whilst getting the experience.

I have a real passion for art, and I love being creative in my spare time, I enjoy setting up and engaging in exciting, creative activities with the children and getting to see their creative skills develop.


Baby Room Apprentice

Hello, I am Christine. I am an Apprentice Practitioner in the Baby Room currently studying my Level 3 in Childcare. I have always loved being with children, especially babies. I really enjoy watching and encouraging babies to take them huge very early milestones e.g. walking, babbling etc.

I am a mother of 4 children, my eldest being in University and my youngest in infant school. I therefore have many years of experience with my own children and I am really enjoying learning and obtaining the qualification required to have a career within the childcare sector.


Housekeeper Co-Orindator

Hello, my name is Rhonda. I come from a small fishing village in Ireland and moved to Corby in 1997. I love fishing and I try to go as often as I can. I love the outdoors, walking in the woods and being a part of nature. I am also a big music fan and I love art.
I have worked for Rectory Nursery School since 2018 and one of my favourite things to do is to help create and set up exciting activities in the gardens for all the children to explore and enjoy.


Nursery Cook

Hello I am Angela. I am the Nursery Cook here at Rectory Nursery School and have over 30 years of experience within the catering industry. I hold a Level 3 Food Hygiene certificate as well as other recognised catering qualifications. I enjoy making delicious, hearty meals for all the children at the nursery, experimenting with new flavours and textures, keeping dinner time exciting for all the children. I have 4 daughters of my own and in my spare time, mostly enjoy spending it with them. I also like to exercise and keep fit which includes going on long walks and swimming.



Hello, My name is Loretta, I moved to Corby from my hometown Killybegs Ireland in 2006. I live here with my partner and son. Outside of work I love cooking & always trying different recipes. I love to keep fit, walk and listen to music. I enjoy seeing the kids have lots of fun.