Nursery Rooms

Baby Room

At Rectory Nursery school our babies are cared for in a clean, fresh, healthy environment designed for
maximum comfort and learning. Our curriculum encourages socialisation and language
development as well as gross and fine motor skills.

Our baby room’s are open plan, designed as self-contained areas with a purpose built changing
areas, milk kitchen, separate dining area and a sensory room.

Toddler Room

The toddler room is a large spacious environment with a range of stimulating activities, including
interactive smart board, book corner, creative area, home corner and a sensory trough. Tje room encourages children to explore with curious minds and imagination.
We have a toilet area adjoining the room, promoting independence in self-care. The room intakes natural
light as we have lots of windows, allowing the children to see the surrounding natural habitat area.

We have a dedicated team of staff that accommodates the needs of a child who is growing towards
independence, as the two year olds are entering the world of change.


Pre-School Room

At about 3 years old the children move to the pre-school room, which is a large spacious
environment, with a range of inspiring activities, including interactive smart board,
book corner, art area, home corner, sand & water, dressing-up, imaginative play, games and much
more with free flow to the outside. All of which prepare the children in the development of social
skills, sharing, taking turns and positive reaction with others. All children will be encouraged to
develop at their own pace in a calm and secure atmosphere. All activities available to the
children are specially aimed at gaining co-ordination, independence and an enthusiasm for
learning, developing social skills and self-confidence. Each child is helped independently and in a
group situation, where they are introduced to inspiring range of interests which include nature, art,
cooking, music, numbers, alphabet, sounds and much more.
Children are never forced to take part in an activity that they are reluctant to try and are never
compared to their peers; they are recognised for their own individual achievements in all areas.

Outdoor Area

The Pre-School children have free flow access to  spacious natural habitat grounds. All age groups can access the outdoor areas throughout the whole day. The Children can enjoy exploring among the tress where the squirrels and birds live, ride bikes, balance on the logs, feed the birds in our bird feeding area and discover more about natural environment  and seasons around them.

The Pre-school children also attend Forest School on a weekly basis, where they take part in child-led activities, exploring nature and managing their own risks.